Why Do We Want To Print Labels?

How hard can it be? I’ll tell youÂ…it’s not easy. This isn’t the first label printer we’ve owned, but it was the most expensive so I thought there wouldn’t be much of an issue using software that came with the unit (Windows only) or scanning labels into our Windows-based computer then printing them out.

If this sounds complicated or if you really don’t need to purchase a lot of equipment for a one time printing of labels, then you will want to consider label printing services in Red Wing.

So, why do we print out labels anyway?

We will typically print out a label because we need to apply additional information to something that we will need to remember in the future or others will need before using or consuming the product. If we don’t have these labels, there is no form of communication and people will become confused.

What are labels made of?

There are a few different materials that labels can be made from:

Hard paper plastic sheets (for laser printers): durable and flexible. Can get damaged by chemicals, moisture, mold and other environmental factors if not well applied to your product or equipment

Plastic film (for inkjet printers): inexpensive material for 1 time use only. Easy to apply but may not last long as they are subject to more environmental factors than other materials

Vinyl plastic label (for thermal printers) : durable material for multiple uses. Easy to apply and remove if needed or desired.

label printing services in Red Wing

Paper labels have the longest life span, but not everyone has a laser printer so paper labels may be out of your budget. If you decide to go with paper labels you can get them in many different sizes, shapes and colors. If you are using a thermal printer for your business or at home, then you may want to consider vinyl plastic labels.

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